Thursday, September 8, 2016

Create > Visual Pun Photographs

Create > Visual Pun Photographs

Goal:  Create a series of 3 visual puns from figures of speech that sound alike or have double meaning.

Studio Activity:
  • Search puns and figures of speech that sound alike or have double meanings.
pen pals
license plates
car pool
coat of arms
arms race
2nd hand store
attached to his dog
6 feet under
fast food
water gun
boxing match
Wisdom Tooth
night owls
Horse Fly
navel orange
pie in the sky
fan club
tow truck
sea star
pen pal
home run
funny bone
double header
  • You may want to speak with an English teacher.
  • Stage a photoshoot that visualizes your pun or figure of speech

Trigger Mechanisms:  Mix-media, metaphor, fantasize

Visual Examples:
Visual Pun Photo Contest > or
Check out this Map of ‘Punny’ business >
Punny Pixels >

I have my head in the clouds > Scott Klein

Generalize, Reflect & Publish:
Instructional Strategy
  • Evaluate the results
Learning Activity
Reflect > Should I go back and rework anything?
  • How did you combine art elements (line, color, shape, texture, value)  to develop art principles? (Unity/variety, balance, emphasis contrast, rhythm, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationship)
  • Where are the dominant shapes, forms, colors, or textures that carry expressive significance?
  • Why Is the work ordered and balanced or chaotic and disturbing?
  • What gives the work its uniqueness?
  • Is symbolism used in the work to convey meaning other than what one sees?
  • Does the work evoke any feelings?

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Recognition
Learning Activity
Publish > Share your album to our G+Community > Concepts & Creations category
Display > Add your photos to the Event

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Feedback
Learning Activity
Critique >
  • Give positive feedback > +1 every image that deserves it
  • Give peer feedback > Give 2 peer images a VTS critique >
Self-assess >
Life Skills Survey > (responses >

emotional baggage

Fan Club


licence Plate

Cat’s in the bag