Monday, April 24, 2017

Create > Nature Journal

Create > Nature Journal Concentration Series

Goal:  Create a series of original visual statements based on your nature journal documents.

Concept:  Follow the prompts of each adventure.  Go outside to play, explore, document and be inspired.  After completing the initial outside adventure, make images and complete the writing activity.  Next, mindfully reflect on your experiences with gratitude.  Culminate each adventure by creating an original visual statement.  

Watch > Ben Saunders: Why bother leaving the house? >
Studio Activities:

Adventure 1:
Hike on a trail…
Make a map of your route with photos…
Tell a journey story…
Create >

Adventure 2:
Hug a big tree…
Document leaves…
Share a secret…
Create >

Adventure 3:
Turn over a rock…
Document what you find…
Describe the smell of the earth…
Create >

Adventure 4:
Find a seed pod…
Document patterns…
Make a prediction about the future…
Create >

Adventure 5:
Walk barefoot…
Document your feet & what is under them…
Write from your feet’s vantage point…
Create >

Adventure 6:
Chase a butterfly or look for bugs…
Make close-up photos of insects…
Pen a poem…
Create >

Adventure 7:
Stare at the stars and moon…
Document the night sky…
Invent a myth…
Create >

Adventure 8:
Find and follow an animal’s tracks…
Document the tracks…
Narrate an animal’s conversation…
Create >

Adventure 9:
Watch a storm…
Expose the darker side of Mother Nature…
Confront your fears…
Create >

Adventure 10:
Find a spider web…
Photograph a spider web…
Weave a captivating mystery…
Create >

Adventure 11:
Imagine things in the clouds…
Capture wide open spaces…
Make up a fairy tale…
Create >

Adventure 12:
Listen to a bird…
Photograph colors, patterns or birds…
Compose a song…
Create >

Monday, April 10, 2017

Create > Object Painting

Create > Object Painting

Goal: Use historically significant art to create an aesthetic object from an abandoned object.

Studio Activity:
Find an interesting object from the garage, attic, flea market, auction, or second-hand store.  
Pick a famous painting to use as the primary camouflage element.
Transform the object by decorating its entire surface with paint using the defining characteristics of a famous art style movement or a specific painting.
Mimic the the color scheme, brush stroke method or application and the use of subject matter.   

Art History:
Study the art style movements: Abstract Expressionism, Baroque, Postmodern, Surrealism, Futurism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Cubism, Expressionism

Trigger Mechanisms:
Reinterpret, Translate, Disguise, Substitution, Transform

Visual Examples:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Create > MEMES

Create > MEMES

Goal: Create a MEME for each studio activity below.

Create > Ermahgerd Meme

Goal: Create an exclamation using phonetically written captions on a derp image

Concept:  Phonetic dialogues and derp images have expressive qualities

Trigger Mechanisms:  Humor, Creativity, Contemporary Issues

Studio Activity:
Watch > Know Your Meme: Ermahgerd >     
Create > Ermahgerd Meme

Visual Examples:

Create > Face Swap or Face Bomb

Goal: Digitally swap faces of two or more subjects or use one face in a group and swap it for all the others in the image

Concept:  Face swapping and bombing confuse and create dissonance   

Trigger Mechanisms:  Humor, Creativity, Contemporary Issues

Studio Activity:
Read > How to Face Swap in Photoshop >
Watch > How to Face Swap in Photoshop >     

Create > Face Swap or Face Bomb images
Post > Both the original and the manipulated images to the album.

Visual Examples:

Create > Contemporary Meme

Goal: Research and create a meme based on current events

Concept:  A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas with a mimicked humorous theme      

Trigger Mechanisms:  Humor, Creativity, Contemporary Issues

Studio Activity:
Search > - Internet Meme Database
Search > Contemporary Memes or best memes of 2016-17 etc…
Find > Contemporary issues or current event source material
Create > Remix meme

Visual Examples:

Create > Creative Finger Photos

Create > Creative Finger Photos

Goal:  Create narrative images using human fingers as main characters.

Concept: Your fingers can take on human characteristics

Trigger Mechanisms: Transfer, Mythologize, Fantasize

Studio Activity:
Using your fingers and the themes below, make narrative images telling a story.
Theme 1. Recreate a scene from a movie, the subject matter of a painting or album cover, etc.
Theme 2. Retell a historical myth or event.
Theme 3. Your choice

Visual Examples:
Westosha Examples >