Thursday, September 8, 2016

Create > Video Clip Remix

Create > Video Clip Remix

Complete > everything highlighted in yellow.

Essential Questions:
  • What is a movie?
  • Why is a scene clip memorable?
  • How is a scene clip organized & designed?

The learning process most characteristic of humans is imitation.

  • Use design > principles and functions
  • Understand and apply > media, techniques, and processes with skill
  • Evaluate > the effectiveness of a video’s organization, design and functions.
  • Identify > the directors and actors intentions and implications.
  • Apply > techniques and processes with skill and intent.
  • Create > a video that mimics organization principles and functions

Goals: Re-Create a short movie clip

Access Prior Knowledge:
Brainstorm > a list memorable clips that you know.
Imagine > reproducing a scene clip.

New Information:
Watch >  Kirby Ferguson: Embracing the Remix >

View > Classic Movie Clips >

Apply Knowledge & Skills:
Create > Video Clip Remix
Step 1: Form a Video Project Team
Step 2: Find a significant video clip that you will re-mix
Step 3: Analyze the clip and formalize the process following the steps below.
Step 4: Outline dialogue script, what you intend to show and the main points.
Step 5: Script:
  • Whether you are going to perform in your video, use voice-over, or write captions, you must know what you are going to say before you begin.  This also limits the amount of editing or retakes that may occur.  Transcribe your chosen video clip.
Step 6: Storyboard:
Step 7: Filming:
  • The key to a good video is the actual raw footage.  Find a quiet place for recording. Set the stage in advance and follow your script and storyboard.
Step 8: Editing:  
  • In addition to Microsoft MovieMaker & Apple iMovie there are lots of free online video editors that add soundtracks, voice overs, special effects, captions, and titles.  Click here >> 10 Best & Free Online Video Editors
Step 9: Publishing:

Generalize Learning & Goals:
As an art student, I will...
Publish > video to YouTube
Publish > video to +Westosha Video Community
  • share my group’s video on social network sites
  • critique my group’s video and those of my classmates
  • evaluate and assess my group’s video - Creating Rubric
  • reflect on my effort - Life Skills Rubric