Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Create > Richard Diebenkorn Abstract Perspective

Create > Richard Diebenkorn Abstract Perspective

Create an abstract artwork derived from an accurate perspective rendering of a space and influenced by Richard Diebenkorn’s work.

Studio Activity:
Be inspired by the works of Richard Diebenkorn >   
  1. Create a drawing on location. Sit in your driveway, on the street in front of your house or at a place that is part of your neighborhood’s identity and draw the scene.  Also photograph the scene for extra reference during class time.  Choose a dynamic point of view that shows a large and long depth of field.  Fully develop the drawing using a range of values.
  2. Next use that drawing to create and abstract expressive shape landscape painting inspired by Richard Diebenkorn.  Choose a color scheme and render in acrylic or pastel.

Trigger Mechanisms: Abstraction, Fantasy, Distortion

Visual Examples:

Generalize, Reflect & Publish:
Instructional Strategy
  • Evaluate the results
Learning Activity
Reflect > Should I go back and rework anything?
  • How did you combine art elements (line, color, shape, texture, value)  to develop art principles? (Unity/variety, balance, emphasis contrast, rhythm, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationship)
  • Where are the dominant shapes, forms, colors, or textures that carry expressive significance?
  • Why Is the work ordered and balanced or chaotic and disturbing?
  • What gives the work its uniqueness?
  • Is symbolism used in the work to convey meaning other than what one sees?
  • Does the work evoke any feelings?

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Recognition
Learning Activity
Publish > Share your album to our G+Community > Concepts & Creations category
Display > Add your photos to the Event

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Feedback
Learning Activity
Critique >
  • Give positive feedback > +1 every image that deserves it
  • Give peer feedback > Give 2 peer images a VTS critique >
Self-assess >