Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Create > Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

Create > Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

Whether you will be traveling outside of Wisconsin or staying in the area, have fun making photographs. Emphasize your abilities and follow the rules of composition to make beautiful, dynamic photographs instead mere snapshots.

Watch > 9 Photo Composition Tips  
(because snaps of your friends at the beach or the classic 'lean in' in front of a sunset or building/landmark does not constitute a “sense of place” for any of these challenges.) 

  • Be a picture director
  • Simplify the background
  • Move in close
  • Move it from the middle
SPRING BREAK PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT CHALLENGES(If you're in a painting class, you may pick one and create a drawing or painting from it.)
  1. Capture an image of the 'city sign' of your spring break destination.
  2. Capture a selfie in your shades or flips or vacation shirt.
  3. Create an on-the-spot art piece (w/ seashells, chalk, stones, etc.) and photograph it.
  4. Capture a street vendor or performer.
  5. Make a digital collage of at least 4 interesting doors or windows.
  6. Capture a silhouette image at your destination.
  7. Capture a candid shot of your friends or family showing genuine joy.
  8. Capture a signature landmark from an interesting point of view.
  9. Capture a close up of your meal at a local establishment.
  10. Capture locals doing what they do.
Publish > Your images to the G+ Event 

Score > 10 bonus points per quality image in the Event