Friday, March 20, 2015

Create > Photography Quilts (Sew, Embroider or Stitch)

Create > Photography Quilts (Sew, Embroider or Stitch)

Goal: Create a series of 5 images that are sewn on or stitched together.

Studio Activity:
-Option 1:  Be inspired by the stitched vintage photography of Maurizio Anzeri >  Maurizio sews directly into found vintage photographs.  She incorporates brightly embroidered patterns and delicately stitched veils that cross the faces with sharp lines and dramatic glimmering forms.  I suggest that you use your own photographs.

-Option 2:  Be inspired by the works of Lisa Kokin >  She takes found, unrelated photographs and stitches them together.  Because the images are stitched together a forced relationship between them is created and a whole new narrative can be imagined.     

Trigger Mechanisms: Combine, Manipulate, Link

Visual Examples: