Monday, March 9, 2015

Create > Cubist Photo Collages

Create > Cubist Photo Collages


Goal:  Show a subject from multiple planes and points of view in a single cubist style image.

Studio Activity:
Mother (the image above), created by David Hockney, portrays the way in which a simple portrait can be manipulated to become surreal and Cubist.  This images has been cleverly arranged so that the features are obviously out of alignment yet still works as a whole as our brain processes the face so that a clear and realistic understanding of what we are looking at emerges.  
  1. Emphasize space, perspective and cubism.
  2. Research Picasso, Braque, the Cubist grid and Cubism
  3. Photograph all sides and angles of a subject.  Capture multiple perspectives and angles.
  4. Put the images into a photo editor and assemble your own Cubist composition in the style of Hockney and Wolff.

Don’t just make a portrait of a person...make a portrait of a walk around a person.  

Trigger Mechanisms:  Cubism, Distortion, Collage

Visual Examples:
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