Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Create > Block Patterns Self Portrait

Create > Block Patterns Self Portrait


Goal:  Break down a photographic image into geometric value/color patterns

Studio Activity:
Take a black and white photograph of yourself.  Tape tracing paper marked in a 1/4” grid over the image.  Study each segment of the photo carefully through transparent paper.  In pencil, render each square with a solid gray tone that represents the average tonality of that square.  Continue rendering all the component squares until the composition is complete.  

*As an alternative, put your digital self-portrait into Pixlr Editor > http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/ or Sumo.fm > http://sumo.fm/#create go to > Filter > Pixelate and adjust accordingly.  Print out the pixilated image as well as the original.  Work the image as a matrix filling in the individual squares with patterns or solid values that equal the tonality of the pixilated image.

Trigger Mechanisms:  
Value, Reduce, Abstract, Texture
Visual examples > http://goo.gl/lKlIFu


Drawing paper, collage elements, colored pencils, ebony pencils, etc...