Thursday, March 12, 2015

Analyze > Expressionist Artwork

Analyze > Expressionist Artwork
- Analogical Thinking Image Analysis

Willem de Kooning
American, born Netherlands, 1904–1997
Excavation, 1950

Goal: Analyze an abstract expressionist artwork in an effort to establish analogies about creativity used in art and other disciplines.  

Analyze: (Specify the intended meaning of the artwork.)
  • Tag - a significant quotation that describes the tone of the artwork and explain how the quotation as an analogy provides a deeper understanding of the artwork and its meaning.
  • Tag - a ‘soundtrack’ for this artwork on YouTube and explain why you choose that particular music for this particular artwork? What or how the tempo / melody of the music similar to something in the artwork.

Hans Hofmann
American, born Germany, 1880-1966
Blue Rhythm, 1950