Monday, November 17, 2014

Studio Activity: Micro-Structure

RTEmagicC_423px-Haeckel_Spumellaria_01.jpg.jpgStudio Activity: Micro-Structure

Goal:  Use an analysis of nature and its structure as a basis for a design and composition.

Image_Radiolarian.jpgUse a virtual microscope online to study radiolaria and diatom or study illustrations here > or here > .  As you analyze them, seek the natural structure found in repetition and replication that binds and unifies the element.  Make some preliminary sketches based on these observations and analysis of these designs.  In other words, accurately draw what you observe first, then use that as a stimulus to make an interesting visual design.  Change, simplify, elaborate, combine, transform the images as you desire.  Make a charcoal or pastel abstraction to suggest unity of form and surface decoration.

Trigger Mechanisms:
Order, change, simplify, combine
Visual examples >
Visual examples >


Paper, charcoal, pastel, cut-paper, mixed media, paint