Friday, November 14, 2014

Providing Feedback > Interest Silhouette

Complete the following Learning Activities:

Generalize, Reflect & Publish:

Instructional Strategy

  • Providing Feedback
Learning Activities


Learning Activity 1


  • Choose > an image from the Event and copy the URL.
    • log in with your G+
    • paste the URL of the artwork
  • Tag > ‘hotspots’ that address the Topics below:
    • Respond to each question.
    • Express your judgments with supporting evidence found in the image.
  • Tag > the artists name in the post using the ‘+’ symbol then their name
    (ex: +VinceKuepper)


  • Tag > Placement: the rule of thirds was or was not followed? the visual weight balances or imbalances the composition?

  • Tag > Focal Point:
...what area of the picture commands your attention the most? the focal point is emphasized? (contrast, placement…) the focal point clarifies the message or meaning of the image?
  • Tag > Background:
...does the background distract the viewer away from the focal point? the background contributes to the message of the image?


  • Tag > Composition:  
...ways the image uses leading lines, vertical lines, or diagonal lines...?
...ways the image uses framing, contrast in color or shape...?
...the sense of depth in the image (deep, shallow, focused, blurred…)? unity is achieved (repetition or common elements)?


  • Tag > Evaluation: the artist’s successfully express his/her intention or message?  
    ...what is the mood and how was it created?
...ways this image could be improved?

  • Tag > a significant quotation that describes the mood of the artwork and explain how the quotation as an analogy provides a deeper understanding of the artwork and its meaning.

  • Tag > a ‘soundtrack’ for this artwork on YouTube and explain why you choose that particular music for this particular artwork?  What or how the tempo / melody of the music similar to something in the artwork.


  • Click > the share button and copy your thinglink URL
  • Share > your thinglink URL to the G+ Photo Community >


Learning Activity 2
  • Positive Feedback > +1 every image that deserves it

Learning Activity 3

Learning Activity 4