Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Create > Joy Close Up Texture Album

Create > Joy Close Up Texture Album

Complete > everything highlighted in yellow.

The Big Idea:
Documenting Joy with Close Up images cultivates Joy and increases your Positivity.

Essential Questions:
  • How do you get intimate with subject matter?
  • What are characteristics of a close up image?
  • When do you feel playful enough to join in the fun?

  • Joy feels bright and light making colors seem more vivid.
  • Joy puts a spring in your step, your face lights up with a smile and inner glow.
  • Joy makes you feel playful - wanting to jump in and get involved.
  • Close up images reveal details that are clear and focused yet mysterious.  
  • Texture images emphasize surface qualities (line, shapes, colors).

  • Understand and apply > media, techniques, and processes with skill
  • Use design > principles and functions
  • Choose and evaluate > subject matter and ideas
  • Reflect upon and assess > the characteristics and merits of both mine and other’s work
  • Make connections > between my art and other aspects of life

Goal: Create 5 quality close up and texture images that evoke joy

Access Prior Knowledge:
Instructional Strategy
  • Cues and Questions
Learning Activity
Social Dialogue > Socratic Seminar Alan Watts:The Dream of Life
  1. Watch > The Dream of Life by Alan Watts video > http://goo.gl/plszEZ
  2. Watch > Why We Play the Game of Life > http://goo.gl/AVax1u
  3. Comment > In the comment section below, describe your takeaway from the video, use lines directly from the video
  4. Reply > Choose a classmate's comment and offer a thoughtful reply that either confirms or disagrees with the original statement

New Information:
Instructional Strategy
  • Deepen Understanding
Learning Activity
Read > What is Joy?
Visualize this:  Your surroundings are safe and familiar.  Things are going your way – even better than you expected.  At the moment the situation requires little effort on your part.  

There are many sources of joy.  Perhaps your friends have just surprised you with a birthday bouquet of balloons.  Or you open a letter to find an unexpected check from Grandpa and Grandma.  Or you’re out to dinner with new friends and delighting in their good company.  

Joy feels bright and light.  Colors seem more vivid.  There’s a spring in your step.  And your face lights up with a smile and an inner glow.  You feel like taking it all in.  You feel playful – you want to jump in and get involved.  What brings you joy?

Instructional Strategy

  • Cooperative Learning
Learning Activity

Supplemental Information >
Read > Increase your Creativity with Joy > http://goo.gl/A8nAI3

Apply Knowledge & Skills:
Instructional Strategy
  • Nonlinguistic Representations
Learning Activity
Create > Joy Close Up Texture Album

Goal: Create 5 quality close up and texture images that evoke joy

Trigger Mechanisms:
  1. Joy feels bright and light.  
  2. This puts a spring in my step.
  3. This captures the playfulness of the moment.
  4. Check out the intense surface qualities.
  5. The shallow depth of field emphasizes the texture details.

Studio Activity:
Get in close and shoot, edit and post an image for each description below - 10 images total.  In the caption section give a brief description.

> Close Up Shots
____ 1 image - capture intimacy (someone’s lips, eye, hands, feet, smile…).

____ 1 image - capture a close up of a special momento (a toy, doll, souvenir, gift, charm…)

____ 1 image - use macro mode to capture nature (bugs, leaves, grass blade, seed pods…)

____ 1 image - exploits a shallow depth of field.

____ 1 image - capture a close up while you are laying down.

> Texture Shots
____ 1 image - focus in on details so close we don’t know what the larger subject is.

____ 1 image - focus on surface qualities like bumps, cracks, ridges....

____ 1 image - capture just the sparkle, glitter or shine of a surface.

____ 1 image - capture a texture image of your favorite food (cut open a fruit…).

____ 1 image - capture just value ranges (lights and darks or highlights and shadows).

Visual Examples:
Past student Joy Close Up Texture images > https://goo.gl/5ATHON

Generalize, Reflect & Publish:
Instructional Strategy
  • Evaluate the results
Learning Activity
Reflect >

Did I achieve the goal?
  • Goal: Create 5 quality close up and texture images that evoke joy
Should I go back and rework anything?
  • Have you done anything special with the art elements (line, color, shape, texture, value)  and principles? (Unity/variety, balance, emphasis contrast, rhythm, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationship)
  • What are the dominant shapes, expressive forms, color schemes, and textures that carry significance?
  • Is there symbolism used in the work to convey meaning other than what one sees?
  • Is the work ordered and balanced? Or chaotic and disturbing?
  • What gives the work its uniqueness?
  • Does the work evoke any feelings?

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Recognition
Learning Activity
Publish > Share your album to our G+Community > Concepts & Creations category
Display > Add your photos to the Joy Close Up Texture Event

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Feedback
Learning Activity
Critique >
  • Give positive feedback > +1 every image that deserves it
  • Give peer feedback > Give 2 peer images a VTS critique > http://goo.gl/1WWmBY
Self-assess >