Monday, May 11, 2015

Create > Extreme Angles Album

Create > Extreme Angles Album

Goal: Make 10 images of everyday things and people from unusual vantage points.

Studio Activity:
Emphasize extreme vantage points by getting into extreme locations and positions.  Get on the ground and take a shot from a worm’s eye view.  Get up on a ladder or balcony and shoot down from a bird’s eye view.  Understand that shooting subject matter from extreme angles produces distorted forms and foreshortened perspectives.  Look at the visual examples and notice the foreshortening (a large head (because its closer) and smaller legs diminishing away) or just the opposite when the photograph is taken below (large feet with the body diminishing away).

Trigger Mechanisms:  Point of View, Extreme, Exaggeration

Visual Examples:
Alexander Rodchenko > on Pinterest >
Google Extreme Angle Photography >
Pinterest Extreme Angle Photography > and