Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Create > Gratitude Shape Album

Create > Gratitude Shape Album

Complete > everything highlighted in yellow.

The Big Idea:
Emphasize shapes and forms to express gratitude and increase your positivity.

Essential Questions:
  • What are characteristics of shape or pattern images?
  • How do you emphasize shapes?
  • Why does Gratitude open our hearts?

  • Gratitude occurs when we appreciate something that has come our way.  
  • Gratitude opens our hearts and carries the urge to give back - to do good.
  • Shape images emphasize shapes such as circles, square etc...
  • Shape images are like non-representational art or instrumental musical pieces.
  • Compose, crop, get in close and place forms to emphasize shapes.

  • Understand and apply > media, techniques, and processes with skill
  • Use design > principles and functions
  • Choose and evaluate > subject matter and ideas
  • Reflect upon and assess > the characteristics and merits of both mine and other’s work
  • Make connections > between my art and other aspects of life

Goal: Create an album of at least ten images that emphasize shape and evoke gratitude.

Access Prior Knowledge:
Instructional Strategy
  • Cues and Questions
Learning Activity

Social Dialogue > Socratic Seminar > This is Water by David Wallace > http://goo.gl/mUyHvQ  

New Information:
Instructional Strategy
  • Deepen Understanding
Learning Activity
Read > What is Gratitude?

Imagine you just realized that someone has gone out of their way to do something good for you.  Gratitude is when we appreciate something that has come our way.  

Your Aunt steers you to a part-time job.  Your older brother helps you get all your homework done before the weekend.  Your Mom cleans up your dishes so you can leave with your friends waiting outside.  A store clerk is especially helpful and kind as you make a complicated exchange. We can also feel grateful for breathing clean air, healthy bodies, or a nice place to live.  

Gratitude opens your heart and makes you want to give back – to do something good in return, either for the person who helped you or for someone else.  

Careful, gratitude has an evil twin: indebtedness.  If you feel you have to pay someone back, then you’re not feeling grateful, you’re feeling indebted, which feels unpleasant.  In contrast, gratitude gives back freely and creatively.  It’s a truly pleasant feeling intermixed with joy and heartfelt appreciation.  

Gratitude doesn’t play by the rules.  It’s not the etiquette we teach our kids.  Think back when you were little and someone gave a gift or a kindness and your Mom or Dad reminded you “Now what do you say?”  and you pushed out a monotone “Thanks,” That’s only being polite, not grateful.  Gratitude is not mindless manners or tit-for-tat reciprocity.  True gratitude is heartfelt and unscripted.

Instructional Strategy
  • Cooperative Learning
Learning Activity

Apply Knowledge & Skills:
Instructional Strategy
  • Nonlinguistic Representations
Learning Activity
Create > Gratitude Shape Album

Goal: Create an album of at least ten images that emphasize shape and evoke gratitude.

Trigger Mechanisms:
  1. I’m grateful to be alive.  
  2. I really appreciate this.
  3. I made this for you to show how grateful I am.
  4. Nothing but shapes.
  5. These repetitive shapes make a wonderful pattern.

Studio Activity:
Go out and shoot, edit and post an image for each description below - 10 images total.  In the caption section give a brief description.
Bold Shapes ____ 2 images - get in close and capture nothing but shapes.
Patterns ____ 2 images - repeating shapes that make a pattern.
Architectural ____ 2 images - emphasize architectural shapes by cropping.
Shape Series ____ 4 images - create a series of images that emphasize a particular shape.
Alphabet Shape Photos > http://goo.gl/gNJNJY 

Visual Examples:
Student gratitude shape images > https://goo.gl/73EWmc
Pinterest shape photography > https://goo.gl/c34oES or https://goo.gl/4xInm7

Generalize, Reflect & Publish:
Instructional Strategy
  • Evaluate the results
Learning Activity
Reflect >
Did I achieve the goal?
  • Goal: Create 5 quality images that emphasize shapes and evoke gratitude.
Should I go back and rework anything?
  • How did you combine art elements (line, color, shape, texture, value)  to develop art principles? (Unity/variety, balance, emphasis contrast, rhythm, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationship)

  • Where are the dominant shapes, forms, colors, or textures that carry expressive significance?
  • Why Is the work ordered and balanced or chaotic and disturbing?
  • What gives the work its uniqueness?
  • Is symbolism used in the work to convey meaning other than what one sees?
  • Does the work evoke any feelings?

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Recognition
Learning Activity
Publish > Share your album to our G+Community > Concepts & Creations category
Display > Add your photos to the Joy Close Up Texture Event

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Feedback
Learning Activity
Critique >
  • Give positive feedback > +1 every image that deserves it
  • Give peer feedback > Give 2 peer images a VTS critique > http://goo.gl/1WWmBY
Self-assess >