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Create > Hope Vignette Album

Create > Hope Vignette Album

Complete > everything highlighted in yellow.

The Big Idea:
Altering the periphery of an image delicately emphasizes focal point and beauty.

Essential Questions:
  • What does vignette mean?
  • Why do images with a vignette have a vintage or delicate feel?
  • How does hope sustain us?

  • Hope happens at inopportune moments.
  • Hope is the belief that change for the better will happen.  
  • When you hope for the best you believe positive possibilities do exist.
  • A vignette alters an image’s periphery
  • A vignette simplifies background to draw emphasis to a focal point.

  • Understand and apply > media, techniques, and processes with skill
  • Use design > principles and functions
  • Choose and evaluate > subject matter and ideas
  • Reflect upon and assess > the characteristics and merits of both mine and other’s work
  • Make connections > between my art and other aspects of life

Goal: Create 5 quality images with vignettes that evoke hope.

Access Prior Knowledge:
Instructional Strategy
  • Cues and Questions
Learning Activity
Social Dialogue > Socratic Seminar > Game 10 extra years of Life by Jane McGonigal
Understand >
Top 5 regrets of the dying:
  1. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
  2. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  3. I wish I had let myself be happier.
  4. I wish I'd had the courage to express my true self.
  5. I wish I'd lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me.
Top 5 post traumatic growth consequences:
  1. My priorities have changed.
  2. I'm not afraid to do what makes me happy.
  3. I feel closer to my friends and family.
  4. I understand myself better. I know who I really am now.
  5. I have a new sense of meaning in my life and greater focus on my goals and dreams.
Improve your Life:
  1. Physical resilience challenges
  2. Mental resilience challenges
  3. Emotional resilience challenges
  4. Social resilience challenges
Watch > Game 10 extra years of Life >   
Comment > In the comment section below respond to the following

  • Share a traumatic event that made you a stronger person or...
  • Share a motivational ‘hopeful’ quotation
  • View baby animals >

New Information:
New Information:
Instructional Strategy
  • Cooperative Learning
Learning Activity
Read > What is Hope?
Most positivity arises when you feel safe and satisfied, hope is an exception.    Hope happens when things are not going your way or there’s uncertainty about how things will turn out.  If everything were already going your way, there would be little to hope for.

Hope arises when there is hopelessness or despair.  Perhaps you’ve just failed a test, lost your job, broke up with your boyfriend, or scooped up your little sister after a bloody bike accident.  In desperate situations like these, hope is ‘fearing the worst but yearning for better.’  

Hope at its core is the belief that things can change.  No matter how awful or uncertain they are at the moment, things will turn out better and positive possibilities exist.  

Only humans can envision their futures, both good and bad.  Hope sustains us, without it, our ability to forecast our inevitable death and demise would leave us frozen in fear and despair.  Hope motivates you to tap into your own capabilities and inventiveness to turn things around.  It inspires you to plan for a better future.

With hope, we become energized to do as much as we can to make a good life for ourselves and for others.  Was it hope for a better life that motivated you to come to school today?

Instructional Strategy
  • Cooperative Learning
Learning Activity

View > The Hope Vignette Album >

Apply Knowledge & Skills:
Instructional Strategy
  • Nonlinguistic Representations
Learning Activity
Create > Hope Vignette Album

Goal: Create 5 quality images with vignettes that evoke hope.

Trigger Mechanisms:
  1. Soften the image.  
  2. Uncertain drama.
  3. Look at the possibilities.
  4. Emphasizing the focal point.
Studio Activity:
Stage, set up or seek out images of hope that also fulfill the descriptions below.  Then shoot, edit and post each - 10 images total.  In the caption sections, give a brief description.
Possibilities ____ 3 images - dark vignettes (close ups, landscapes, friends, family).
Motivation____ 3 images - light vignettes (close ups, landscapes, friends, family).
Inventive____ 3 images - variable vignettes(digitized, colored, etc) (close ups, friends, family).
Goodness____ 1 image - a person or persons you care deeply about.
*Add vignettes to ‘memorable’ photographs of friends and places in the halls of Westosha CHS.

Visual Examples:
Google Image Vignette Photography 
Student Hope Vignette Images

Generalize, Reflect & Publish:
Instructional Strategy
  • Evaluate the results
Learning Activity
Reflect >
Did I achieve the goal?
  • Goal: Create 5 quality images with vignettes that evoke hope.
Should I go back and rework anything?
  • How did you combine art elements (line, color, shape, texture, value)  to develop art principles? (Unity/variety, balance, emphasis contrast, rhythm, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationship)

  • Where are the dominant shapes, forms, colors, or textures that carry expressive significance?
  • Why Is the work ordered and balanced or chaotic and disturbing?
  • What gives the work its uniqueness?
  • Is symbolism used in the work to convey meaning other than what one sees?
  • Does the work evoke any feelings?

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Recognition
Learning Activity
Publish > Share your album to our G+Community > Concepts & Creations category
Display > Add your photos to the Event

Instructional Strategy
  • Providing Feedback
Learning Activity
Critique >
  • Give positive feedback > +1 every image that deserves it
  • Give peer feedback > Give 2 peer images a VTS critique >
Self-assess >