Monday, May 18, 2015

Create > 3D Photography Sculptures

Create > 3D Photography Sculptures

Goal: Create a sculpture installation or 3D collage with photograph prints.

Studio Activity:
First > as a warm up make a pinwheel or airplane from a photo print.
Option 1:  Be inspired by the works of Joseph Parra.  He cuts and folds portrait photographs to create distorted portrait busts that warp facial expressions.  His still life installation Oneself (below)  references the fractured and twisted ways we often view ourselves.  The piece becomes a metaphor for identity.
Joseph Parra photography sculpture

Option 2:  Be inspired by the works of Midori Harima.  She makes black and white printouts of photographs and uses them to create hollow papier-mache sculptures.  She uses paste and archival tape to  bond and adhere tiny pieces of images together.  The pieces explore ideas about childhood senses and our absorption of data in an information intensive society.
*Another take on this assignment would be to mogpog or glue prints onto 3D forms.
3D photography collage sculpture
* or...Check out this Head in a Jar “Sculpture” >

Trigger Mechanisms: Distort, Construct, Assemble

Visual Examples:
Midori Harima >
Bert Simons >