Monday, February 1, 2016

Create > Projection Mapping Profile Portrait Photo Breadth

Create > Projection Mapping Profile Portrait Photo Breadth

Goal: Create a profile portrait emphasizing identity through the use of projected imagery.  

Studio Activity:
Projecting mapping images across a 3D from creates a double scene.  The projected image becomes distorted and obscured as it falls within shadowed crevices and bends around the 3D from.  Projecting images onto people is a great way to experiment with topics of identity and portraiture.  
  • Project relevant imagery from an LCD projector onto your face.
  • Search for imagery pertaining to your identity
    • a map of your neighborhood
    • images of horses or the woods
    • lyrics to a song
    • abstract digital art
  • Capture close ups of your face along with the projected imagery from the LCD
  • Manipulate and enhance the images
  • Save them to a new G+ Album title  and use it as your G+ profile pic.

Trigger Mechanisms: Distort, Manipulate, Dynamic gesture, Multi-dimensional  

Visual Examples: