Thursday, October 15, 2015

Create > Shiny Silverware (or anything) Still Life

Create > Shiny Silverware (or anything) Still Life

kristia silverware

Goal:  Accurately rendered reflective surfaces.

Studio: Set up a still life of shiny metal silverware.  Keep in mind the rule of thirds for a good composition.  Drawing reflective surfaces is easy if you see and draw the lights and darks.  The shadows and highlights are clearly defined and warp to the shape of the metal object.  You may want to photograph your still life and turn the image upside down to draw it.   Check this tutorial > and watch this time lapse video > How to Draw Spoon >

Trigger Mechanisms: Design, Value, Accuracy
Visual Examples: Pinterest >
Materials: Toned Paper, pencil, tortillion, white charcoal

painting by Marco Reichert:

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Soup to Nuts, Laurie Goldstein-Warren:

saxophone art:

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