Monday, October 19, 2015

Create > Paul Klee Abstract Perspective

Create > Paul Klee Abstract Perspective

Create an abstract artwork derived from an accurate perspective rendering of a space.

Studio Activity:
Be inspired by the works of Paul Klee >   
  1. Using a pencil create a drawing of an interior seen from another interior.  For example, draw the interior of a closet as seen from the interior of your room.  Another example would be drawing the interior of a room with an open door/window showing the interior of another room.  Emphasize a dynamic point of view with interesting angles and convergence. Use correct perspective techniques.  Fully develop the drawing using a range of values.  
  2. Next use that line drawing to create a cut or torn paper/fabric collage.  Extract out the forms in your drawing and reduce them to geometric shapes.  Then cut out those shapes and rearrange them to make a collage.   
  3. Next, create an abstracted shape work inspired by Paul Klee and done with oil pastels.   Paul Klee >

Trigger Mechanisms: Abstraction, Fantasy, Distortion

Visual Examples: