Friday, October 2, 2015

Create > Room with a View

Create > Room with a View


Goal:  Use 1 or 2 point linear perspective to create a naturally lit interior space.

Studio Activity:

  1. Use 1 or 2 point perspective to create a convincing interior space that includes a door or a window that lets in light.
    1. This piece should be more about how the light comes through the window or doorway and less about the view outside.
  2. Work from a photo that you take and render in color (prismacolor pencil or paint)
  3. Capture an interesting part of a room with a window or doorway that has light coming through it.  Choose carefully a room from your home, the library or ornate restaurant.
  4. Where you stand when you take your photo will determine if the image will use 1 or 2 point linear perspective.
    1. DO NOT take the photo of the window with very little of the room showing window
    2. Step back and get the room (SHOW DEPTH) Do this instead 28a82debf92272784039d55305b8f15c
    3. DO NOT design a symmetrical compositions. Use the rule of thirds grid on the camera to help you design an asymmetrical composition. Rule of Thirds >
    4. Stand to the side of the window, not right in front of it. And stand back far enough that you can see the wall meeting the ceiling or floor or both. You must show the light coming from the window or door as it falls on the wall or floor in the room.
    5. *You must take the photo yourself or your work will not be original. Click >  for more info on plagiarism and ethics in art.
  5. When you take the photo is very important because the light is an emphasis of the composition.  The time of day and location of the room will determine how the light enters.
  6. Print out your photograph in black and white.
  7. Determine if your image/drawing uses 1 or 2 point linear perspective (I will help) Horizonex2
  8. Render the piece using accurate linear perspective and a limited color pallet.  

Trigger Mechanisms: Space, Perspective, Lighting

Visual Examples:

Examples by AP Art students:
B living room light

And here’s an excellent time lapse video of drawing a room in 2 point perspective: