Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Create > Scanography Images

Create > Scanography Images

Goal: Create compelling images using a flatbed scanner.

Studio Activity:
Be inspired by the work of Elisabeth Schmitz-Garcia > and make images using a flatbed scanner.  Similar to a Xerox machine a scanner has the ability to create high quality digital files.  Elisabeth captures exciting movement by draping a fabric over herself and the scanner and then pressing scan.  Her Borderline Personality Disorder portraits show distortion and stretched images as the scanner arm moves across the screen.
Scanners can also be used to take scans of objects placed upon existing photographs.  Look at the examples of this by Rosanna Jones >
Get creative and experiment with the scanner and different techniques.        

Trigger Mechanism: Experiment, Distort, Depth of Field

Visual Examples:
Elisabeth Schmitz-Garcia >
Rosanna Jones >

Scanography art (1080p HD) - YouTube
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Scanography Tutorial - YouTube

Dec 6, 2011 - Uploaded by anw0129
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