Monday, April 28, 2014

Empathy Analogs - Anthropomorphics

Create > Anthropomorphics

  • Imbuing animals, plants, or objects with human qualities.

Imagination Triggers:  
  • Analogy, Transfer, Fantasize, Metaphor

Studio Challenge:
  1. In the medium of your choice, create an anthropomorphic self portrait.
  2. Know your inner animal or which one you would want to be.
  3. Know your Chinese horoscope animal or zodiac sign.
  4. Think of what activities you like to do and show your animal doing it.
    1. frogs ice skating
    2. bugs as bionic construction machines
    3. elephants as artists
    4. toads at a skate park
    5. birds on a coffee break
  5. Compositional ideas include:
    • Create a playing card
    • Create a scene from a graphic novel or movie trailer
    • Create a ‘disney’ like cartoon

Jason Depicts Famous Figures As Anthropomorphic Animals (Art)