Friday, April 4, 2014

Accessing AP Scores Online in July

Accessing AP Scores Online in July

AP(R) Students Will Get Scores Online in July

Your role in ensuring that your students are able to access their scores is critical. Below is some information we'd like you to share with your students -- particularly those who have never taken an AP Exam before -- to help them get ready to access their scores.

Steps AP Students Must Take to Access Scores

   * At exam time or during a pre-administration session, fill in AP
     answer sheets carefully and consistently. Especially important
     are name, date of birth, sex, mailing address, and email address.

   * As early as possible, sign up for a College Board account at Students must have an account to access their scores.

        - Some students may already have an account. Have them confirm
          this by signing in.

   * Remember the following information, which will be required to see
     their scores in July:

        - College Board account username and password

        - 2014 AP number (or student ID number if they provided it on
          their AP answer sheet)

Score Release Schedule

The score release schedule will be available at in early May, and students will receive an email in early July at the email address they put on their AP answer sheet reminding them when they can access their scores.

Awareness Toolkit

To support your efforts, we've developed an awareness toolkit that you will receive in the mail in early April and that is available for download.

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