Monday, February 3, 2014

Project 7 - Sensory Analog - Image Analysis

Project 7 - Sensory Analog - Critical Thinking Image Analysis

Willem de Kooning
American, born Netherlands, 1904–1997
Excavation, 1950


Analyze abstract expressionist artwork to develop an informed interpretation and evaluation.  


  1. Go to The Institute of Art of Chicago > and find an abstract expressionsist art work.

  1. Go to Thinklink > and past the URL of the artwork.

  1. Tag - Who is the Artist? & What is the title of the artwork?

  1. Tag - What media was used to create the artwork?

  1. Tag - What year was the Artist born? & What year was the artwork created?

  1. Tag - How old was the Artist when the artwork was created? & How old is the artwork?

Apply: (Specify the intended meaning of the artwork.)

  1. Tag - a significant quotation that describes the mood of the artwork and explain how the quotation as an analogy provides a deeper understanding of the artwork and its meaning.

  1. Tag - a ‘soundtrack’ for this artwork on YouTube and explain why you choose that particular music for this particular artwork? What or how the tempo / melody of the music similar to something in the artwork.

Publish your Thinglink Image Analysis to our Community > Westosha ADV >

Hans Hofmann
American, born Germany, 1880-1966
Blue Rhythm, 1950