Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ADV Photo Critical Thinking Image Analysis

ADV Photo Critical Thinking Image Analysis

Paul Strand
American, 1890–1976
Porch Shadows, 1916


Analyze historically significant photographs to develop an informed interpretation and evaluation.  


  • Tag - Who is the Artist? & What is the title of the artwork?  What media was used to create the artwork?

  • Tag - What year was the Artist born? & What year was the artwork created? How old was the Artist when the artwork was created? & How old is the artwork?


  • Tag - Placement:
    how the rule of thirds was or was not followed?
    ...how the visual weight balances or imbalances the composition?

  • Tag - Focal Point:
...what area of the picture commands your attention the most?
...how the focal point is emphasized? (contrast, placement…)
...how the focal point clarifies the message or meaning of the image?
  • Tag - Background:
...does the background distract the viewer away from the focal point?
...how the background contributes to the message of the image?

  • Tag - Composition:  
...ways the image uses leading lines, vertical lines, or diagonal lines...?
...ways the image uses framing, contrast in color or shape...?
...the sense of depth in the image (deep, shallow, focused, blurred…)?
...how unity is achieved (repetition or common elements)?


  • Tag - Evaluation: ...did the artist’s successfully express his/her intention or message?  
    ...what is the mood and how was it created?
    ...ways this image could be improved?

  • Tag - a significant quotation that describes the mood of the artwork and explain how the quotation as an analogy provides a deeper understanding of the artwork and its meaning.

  • Tag - a ‘soundtrack’ for this artwork on YouTube and explain why you choose that particular music for this particular artwork?  What or how the tempo / melody of the music similar to something in the artwork.