Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Gustave Courbet: The Desperate Man c.1843–1845

Concept:  Imbuing animals, plants, or objects with human qualities.

Catalysts:  Analogy, Transfer, Fantasize, Metaphor.

In the medium of your choice, create a fully developed self portrait.
  • Emphasize dynamic composition using foreshortening or interesting perspectives.
  • Take multiple 'selfies' and we'll chose one.
  • Use contrast and value ranges to enhance drama and meaning.
Studio 2:
In the medium of your choice, create a fully developed still life image.
  • Define your inner personality with an animal, plant, or object.  
  • Research your horoscope, zodiac sign and Chinese year you were born.
  • Use accurate rendering techniques to portray an animal, plant or object.
  • Again emphasize dynamic composition, drama and meaning. 
Studio 3:
In the medium of your choice, create an anthropomorphic self portrait.

  • Compositional ideas include:
    • Create a playing card
    • Create a scene from a graphic novel or movie trailer
    • Create a ‘disney’ like cartoon