Monday, March 14, 2016

Create > Themed Concentration Series

Create >  Themed Concentration Series

Goal:  Create a series of related works showing an investigation of a visual concern.

Studio Activity:

A concentration series is a body of related works that demonstrate sustained and thoughtful investigation of a specific visual idea.  (12 images)

Use the prompts below to write a concise description of your concentration idea.
  1. Clearly and simply state the central idea of your concentration (500 character maximum)
  2. Explain how the work in your concentration demonstrates your intent and the sustained investigation of your idea.  you may refer to specific images as examples (1350 character maximum)  

Trigger Mechanisms: Investigation, Discovery, Growth

Visual Examples:

Concentration Statement:
The central idea of my concentration is the disembodied intellectuality of Alice in Wonderland.  As Alice matures, she begins to view her environment in irrational and distorted ways.  Her descent into Wonderland is a wakening into the insane society of adulthood.