Monday, April 27, 2015

Create > Tilt-shift Images

Create > Tilt-shift Images

Goal:  Use the tilt-shift effect on 3 historic artworks and 3 real life scenarios.

Studio Activity:
Tilt-shift photography is a technique that makes real objects appear small, as if they were part of a miniature scale model.  This is achieved through blurring and distortion - either with special camera lenses (Nikon or Canon); lens adaptors (Hasselblad), digital manipulation, or using an app or Photoshop.  There are also websites that convert images to tilt-shift photos ( )  

Start with a high quality, well lit, in-focus photograph; take the photo from above and to the side as if looking down upon a scale model.  Choose a relatively simple scene and make sure people are small.  

Be inspired by the work of Serena Malyon > that applied the tilt-shift technique to famous Van Gogh paintings. The effect took flat, 2D images and gave them the illusion of 3D scenes from the past.
Be further inspired by Nicolas >  

Trigger Mechanisms: Fantasize, Shrink, Manipulate

Visual Examples: