Monday, April 13, 2015

Create > Color Scheme Portraits

Create > Color Scheme Portraits

Using a specific color scheme emphasizes drama and mood to a portrait adding to its meaning.


  • Crop a portrait photo (7"x10")
  • Image>Adjust>Levels to increase the contrast
  • Filter>Artistic>Cutout
  • Print, Grid and Transfer to a board
  • Choose a color scheme to evoke a specific mood
  • Render in acrylic paint

Color Schemes: >

1 or 2 Colors
  • Monochromatic monochromatic color wheel
  • Complementary Complementary Color Wheel
  • Near Complementary Near Complementary Color Wheel

3 Colors:
  • Split Complementary Split Complementary Color Wheel
  • Triad Triad Color Wheel
  • Complementary Triad Complementary Triad Color Wheel
  • Modified Triad Modified Triad Color Wheel

4 or More Colors:

  • Rectangular Tetrad Rectangular Tetrad Color Wheel
  • Square Tetrad Square Tetrad Color Scheme
  • Adjacent Tetrad Adjacent Tetrad Color Wheel
  • Analogous Analogous Color Wheel
  • Analogous Complementary Analogous Complementary Color Wheel
  • Multi-Color Multi Color Wheel