Monday, January 5, 2015

Create > Form Studio Activity: Formscape

Create > Form Studio Activity: Formscape

Goal:  Create a bas-relief landscape assemblage using 3D-forms and found objects


Visualize a surreal landscape of a dream.  Integrate 3-D forms, found objects, carved or cut, modeled, or painted forms, within the space of frame or on a board.  Assemble pieces of cut cardboard or wood with pieces of found objects.  Research and view works by Louise Nevelson.  Start with an old picture frame or flat board.  Build up a textural surface environment as you develop a wall mountable bas-relief painting using all the pieces.  Paint the bas-relief with one color or vary the process as needed.

Trigger Mechanisms:
Analogy, transfer, fantasize, construct

Visual examples:

Board, cardboard, wood, found objects, acrylic paint