Monday, January 26, 2015

Create > Album: Object & Its Shadow

Create > Album: Object & Its Shadow
Photograph an object (or part of it) along with its shadow.

Learn to place both an object (or part of) and its shadow effectively into a rectangular frame.

Explore how an object's shadow can add visual interest to a photograph.

Tips: You'll get the best results early or late in the day (from dawn to mid-morning or mid-afternoon till sunset), when shadows will be nice and long. Be sure your subject is well-placed to cast an interesting shadow. It's best if the shadow is cast on a fairly simple surface —a complicated surface tends to reduce a shadow's impact. Pay particular attention to negative space. Try to achieve visual tension between the object and the shadow. This can be done by placing the object over to one side of the frame and letting the shadow stretch to the far side (a corner to corner stretch can be especially effective).