Tuesday, September 9, 2014



Goal Concept:

Sharpening abilities to form mental images.

Access Prior Knowledge:

Trigger Mechanisms:
Visualize, Imagine, Fantasize

New Information:

Apply Knowledge and Skills:

Studio Activity: Visualization
  1. Look at the image of the black circle for one minute.
  2. Look away and close your eyes and image the black circle in your mind.
  3. Imagine the circle splitting in half vertically, producing two half circles
  4. Imagine the two black half circles suddenly turning a brilliant orange with white dots.
  5. Imagine the half-circles turning into the wings of a butterfly.
  6. Imagine a butterfly with wings of bright orange and white dots and a black shiny body.
  7. Imagine the butterfly flying away.
  8. Rate yourself: 1- Clear, 2- Vague, 3- A struggle
  9. With group, create an imagination exercise and share it with the community.


Creative imagination operates by the interplay of several key functions;