Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dale Dougherty: We are makers

Working like an Artist
Time management helps you achieve your goals.  Work smarter not harder.  tshirt-blog-9-3-1040202714.jpg

Set the Stage
Choose when, where and how to work.  If you like staying up late, bring work home and draw after dinner.  If you are distracted by clutter, clean your desk before working.  Minor actions like these will increase your productivity.  

Set goals, make lists and determine priorities.  Note which tasks are urgent and which are important.  Timing is crucial, finish urgent tasks quickly so you can focus on important tasks.

Incremental Excellence
A journey of 10,000 miles starts with 1 step.  A big project can seem overwhelming and even cause creative paralysis so break it down ‘bird by bird.’  By doing any job incrementally, you learn more, procrastinate less and increase your completion rate.  Projects are best done in a specific sequence.  For example, start with research, make thumbnail sketches, asses the results, make a full-size rough layout, consult, and then complete the fine artwork.  e794c57d29f454826cfd979cb56fe621.jpg

Start Early
Momentum is extremely powerful.  Start a long-term assignment right away.  Even one hour of research will help focus your attention and get you going.  A slow start is better than no start!

When in Doubt, Crank it Out
Fear is one of the greatest obstacles to creative thinking – we avoid action and miss opportunities.  Both habit and perfectionism feed fear.  Creativity takes courage.  When in doubt, do!  By starting each project with a sense of adventure, you increase your level of learning, creativity and production.  

Work Together
Collaborative thinking helps complete projects that are too complex or time-consuming.  Everyone gains.

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