Monday, March 31, 2014

Empathy Analogs - Your Inner animal Logo?  

Would you live in the mountains like a panda?
Are you reclusive like a turtle?
Sleek like a snake?
Answer these questions about your personality and interests and discover your inner animal.

The Challenge: Inner Animal Logo

  • Creating a symbolic icon that portrays a graphic identity.

Imagination Triggers:
  • Empathize, Simplify, Signify, Symbolize

Studio Challenge:  
  1. Find your inner animal
  2. Take the survey >
  3. Establish your inner animal and create your own personal empathy logo, corporate seal, banner, flag, or icon.  
    1. Integrate your initials with abstract shapes
    2. Incorporate images, design and color to portray aspects of your personality
    3. Portray your interests, occupation, hobbies, aspirations, or lifestyle.
  4. Create your empathy logo digitally or with any media.
  5. Share your inner animal, empathy logo and a brief biography with the ADV community

Graphic signs are visual simplifications.  
They are created to convey complex information in simple, understandable terms.  
The process by which ideas, information, feelings, and emotions are reduced to simplified graphic equivalents is called encoding