Monday, March 3, 2014

Empathy Analogs - Dual Portrait

Dual Portrait

  • A double portrait can simultaneously signify two sides of your personality

  • Analogize, Transfer, Mythologize, Fantasize, Symbolize

Studio Challenge:
  1. Create a biographical self portrait composed of two portrait images which depict two sides of your personality.
  2. Let one portrait depict the ‘outside you,’ the one people see.
  3. Create the other portrait as another ‘you,’ a secret personality or fantasy role model.  
  4. Make the double portrait insightful, therapeutic, humorous or surreal.

Possibilities include:
  • Juxtapose your portrait with a historical personality or mythological hero.
  • Make two identical portraits but transform one with shapes or colors that signify a different psychological state.  
  • Research details regarding your horoscope and transfer that information symbolically.  
  • Consider what your ‘animal spirit’ is and visually portray it alongside your face.
  • Other ideas - photos of a piano or sheet music, your room, a volleyball, your camera, a lone bench in the middle of the park, a rock outcropping, a tree in a pasture, a lego...

In the Comment Section respond to at least one of the following prompts.
  • - What hobbies do you have?  
  • - What items or objects do you collect?
  • - What events in your life have had a profound effect on you?
  • - To what things in your life do you feel a special connection?