Thursday, February 12, 2015

Create > Music Jacket Image Album

Create > Music Jacket Images Album

Goal: Create 8 music jacket images.

Studio Action:
  • Create 2 music jacket remixes.  
    • Find, save and analyze your favorite music jackets of your favorite songs.
    • Make a remix of them by mimicking the composition, design and layout but substituting the subject matter with you, your friends, your possessions and the local surroundings.

  • Create 2 original music jackets featuring your made-up band, a friends band or a playlist.
    • Establish a genre or music style and use appropriate colors, props, fonts and subject matter that communicates the sound of music ‘your band’ performs.
    • You or part of you must be seen in the music jacket image.
    • You must include the name of ‘your band’ and ‘the album’ in the image.

  • Create 4 song metaphor images that include lyrics
    • Develop a playlist of your 4 favorite songs
    • Create an image metaphor for each song
    • Include the lyrics or a part of the lyrics in the image
    • Emphasize the ‘sound’ of the song by adjusting the ‘look’ (color, lighting, filters…)

Trigger Mechanisms: Mimic, Manipulate, Dynamic Posture, Pop, Rock, Country etc...  

Visual Examples: