Thursday, February 12, 2015

Create > Drawing Activity: Stacked Perspective Boxes

Create > Drawing Activity: Stacked Perspective Boxes

Concept:  During the Renaissance people used light and shadow in their art to dramatize scenes.  They also figured out a way to make viewers feel as if they were looking into a painting instead of at it by employing linear perspective.

Goal:  Create a drawing of stacked boxes using 1pt linear perspective and value contrasts to suggest a single light source.

Studio Action:  Draw a horizon line and single vanishing point.  Draw at least five boxes that are accurately rendered using 1pt linear perspective.  Stack the boxes so that they extend from the floor to above the horizon line.  Designate a single light source and develop value contrasts to suggest caste shadows.  Invent other subject matter (interior walls, windows etc.) to fully develop the composition.

Trigger Mechanisms: Space, Volume, Contrast

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Materials: Ruler, Paper, Pencil, Eraser