Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Summarize New Information > Structure

New Information:


Like the term design, the word structure is also a verb or noun.  Structure, in its basic sense, is the created unity of the parts and joints of entities.  It is a pattern of dynamic cohesion in which noun and verb, form and to form, are coexistent and interchangeable.  

As a verb, structure denotes modes of building, constructing, organizing and arranging things.
Paul Klee wrote that in art, structural design evolves through a process of metamorphosis, “The structural components, the way they originate and grow are the conditions.  The result evolves along the way.  Each phase during formation is the source of further inspiration, the basis on which to build.”  

As a noun, structure connotes something whose parts are joined together in some definite manner.  In art, any given element may be a structural unit or building block.  The way the structural units are assembled determines the degree of cohesiveness (or unity) in the completed object or composition. 

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