Thursday, January 30, 2014

Illustration Critical Thinking Image Analysis >

Illustration Critical Thinking Image Analysis

Here is the Doc of everything below
Westosha Illustration Critical Thinking Image Analysis >


Analyze a political cartoon so you can make an informed interpretation and evaluation.  

  1. Go to Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoonist’s Index > .
  2. Choose a trending or new cartoon and copy the URL or save image as to your desktop.
  3. Go to Thinklink >
  4. Add tags that answer the following prompts.
  5. Share the completed thinglink to Westosha Illustration Community > .

  1. Tag objects that are symbols and interpret what you think the symbol means.
  2. Tag objects or physical features that are exaggerated and interpret what this achieves.
  3. Tag the cartoon’s caption and/or title.
  4. Tag any dates or numbers and interpret why they are important.
  5. Tag words or phrases that label and interpret how they clarify meaning or significance.
  1. Tag the action taking place in the cartoon.
  2. Tag any use of line that suggests expression, action or movement.
  1. Tag what event or idea the cartoon is referring to.
  2. Tag details in the cartoon that provide clues of the cartoonist’s opinion.
  3. Tag groups or individuals represented and if they agree or disagree with the message.

  1. Include a YouTube video that is an analogy of the cartoon’s meaning.