Monday, December 14, 2015

Create > Manipulated Portraits Album

Create > Manipulated Portraits Album

Goal: Create 5 quality nontraditional (manipulated) portraits.

Studio Activity:
  1. Start by staging a photo shoot of the following:
  2. shoot 5 portraits in which the face has been distorted because of external forces.
    1. For example tape, cellophane, rubber bands, windtunnel or push your face against the scanner or window or have hands pulling or pushing etc...  
  3. shoot 5 portraits in which the face has been partially or fully covered.
    1. Use mirrors, face paint, makeup, masks or found objects etc...
  4. shoot 5 portraits that are manipulated reconstructions from printed pieces.
    1. print out an image, sand off part of it, paint or marker right on it,
    2. cut it up and rearrange the pieces (do this with more than one image),
    3. scratch the surface, collage other elements etc...
  5. shoot 5 portraits of your choice
  6. Upload all these images into a new Google Photo album.
  7. Share this album with the community.
  8. Use time editing to create 5 quality pieces to submit to the Event.

Trigger Mechanisms: Distort, Manipulate, Dynamic Posture  

Visual Examples: