Friday, November 6, 2015

Create > Digital Manipulation Images

Create > Digital Manipulation Images

experimental digital manipulation photography by Stephanie Jung

Goal: Create works that incorporate digital manipulation

Create > Studio Activity 1:  
Be inspired by the works of Misha Gordin > She digitally arranges cut forms into dramatic patterns.  Placing hundreds of identical objects next to each other forces viewers to scan, observe and ponder the multiplicity.
Trigger Mechanisms: Repeat, pattern, analogy   

Create > Studio Activity 2:  
Be inspired by the works of Stephanie Jung >  Stephanie creates stunning urban landscapes by overlaying near-identical city scenes that have been taken from slightly different angles, at different transparencies and color intensities.  The repeated forms - buildings, vehicles, street signs etc… suggest echoed memories, vibrations of life and the ebb and flow of time. Play with the opacity levels on the layers in addition to manipulating the layer properties like screen, overlay or multiply.  
Trigger Mechanisms: Repeat, pattern, analogy   

Create > Studio Activity 3:  
Be inspired by the works of May Xiong >   May digitally draws over photographs.  These haunting photographs show painted figures overlaid with a web of linear structures.  The images explore the human mind and the interconnected maze of thought.
In essence you are annotating your images.  Use callouts or arrows, the pen or paintbrush tool.
Additionally be inspired by the works of Barbara Kruger >
Trigger Mechanisms: Overlay, pattern, balance   
Visual Examples:

Create > Studio Activity 4:  
Be inspired by the works of Maykel Lima > .  In Makel’s digitally manipulated works, lines of pixels have been stretched to the edge of the image.  An interesting approach for those who wish to create abstract or partially abstract photographs.  This is a relatively simple process using image manipulation software, yet it requires careful selecting and balancing of space, form , line and color.    
Trigger Mechanisms: Abstraction, balance, distortion    
Visual Examples:

Create > Studio Activity 5:  
Be inspired by the works of John Rankin Wadell >  and digitally superimpose photographs onto other products.  Rankin helped design the new Swatch watches, which are adorned with his close up photographs of human eyes.  In this example, eyes become unusual, captivating patterns that adorn a product    
Trigger Mechanisms: Invent, manipulate, disguise    
Visual Examples: *Check out his site for great portrait ideas

John Rankin photography watches

Create > Studio Activity 6:  
Be inspired by the works of Adam Goldberg > and superimpose two different but related scenes over the top of one another.  Traditional photographers have been able to create two exposures on a single print but with the process is more easily achieved using digital image editing software.  Layer images and experiment with the layer properties and opacity settings - try multiply or screen or overlay along with clone tool.  The works show how the integration of two different scenes can help strengthen the ideas communicated within the image.  
Trigger Mechanisms: Duality, complexity, narrative